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Trying to move up the corporate ladder, but having trouble getting an interview? Just finished school and need to put your best foot forward on the beginning of your dream career path? No matter your circumstances, you'll find your best self represented in my comprehensive résumé service. Dozens of templates, prompt correspondence, and a writing style that emulates your voice will leave you brimming with confidence as you are propelled into the next chapter of your professional life.

Innovative wordsmithing for innovative people

My Mission:

To provide the residents of Seattle, Puget Sound, and beyond with an affordable, timely, and world-class résumé service, crafting documents tailored to each individual's specifications—and to serve the community by helping each client achieve their most lofty goals. Whether you're in natural resources, tech, medicine, business, or a trade, your next move is right around the corner!


Areas of Service 

Achieving your goals through the written word


Résumé Writing 

Using words to help you reach the proverbial canopy

Pouring over your résumé and getting nowhere fast? Exceptional at writing, but struggle when writing about yourself? Somewhere in between? Never fear—Résumés Rewritten Seattle is here!

Résumé in 4 business days- $375
Résumé in 2 business days- $475

Cover Letters 

Find a clearing and head for the horizon 

Looking for a stellar cover letter that synthesizes your experiences and applies them to the job criteria in a manner that emulates your own personal style? I’ll guarantee your first draft in 4 business days! Need it sooner? I can rush it to you in two business days for an extra fee.

Cover Letter in 4 business days- $150
Cover Letter in 2 business days- $250

College Applications 

Climb to the summit- the next step is just around the corner

Applying to Yale and daunted by the acceptance rates? Pursuing a career in woodworking and looking to get an edge on the application process? Applying to community college and want a polished application letter? Look no further! 

College Application Letter in 4 days- $150
College Application Letter in 2 days- $250

"Bryce is a gifted writer (and lovely person). I have been extremely impressed with his work: clear, concise, none of that awful resume-speak. If you hate your resume and are stuck with your job search, or just completely overwhelmed with how to write a resume, Bryce can help you develop and write a document that you are proud of. He is friendly, approachable, and a pleasure to work with.”

Kathryn S.


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